Towelroot Apk v5.0 Download For Android 2018 (All Latest Version)


TowelRoot APK is one of the applications which have made rooting android devices easier. With the help of this application, rooting your device is possible only with a single click. Various versions of TowelRoot APK have been launched. The application is compatible with Android Gingerbread and higher versions, so that the feature of one click root can be made possible. The latest version of the app also comes with the feature of unrooting and has the capability to support many more android devices as compared to the earlier versions. Let’s see, how you could download towelroot apk v3. v4 & v5 for Android, shall we?


Towelroot Apk v2, v3, v4 & v5 Download For Android (Latest Version)

Why should you root your device?

Although risky, rooting your android device has many advantages. By rooting your device, you can gain the root access over your device, helping you perform many functions which you could only perform in a limited way before. For gamers, especially, rooting is quite beneficial. This is because it allows you to download games which are not free, without paying any price. So installing root apps might be a great usage of rooting your device.

Some technicians claim that, in addition to getting full access over the device, rooting also boosts up the battery performance of the device rooted. It is, however, advisable to read all the pros and cons of rooting before you take the decision to root your device. Also remember that, one of biggest disadvantage of rooting is that your device’s software warranty is lost which can only be reclaimed by unrooting. Your device may also get bricked or completely shut down during the rooting process, so it is advised that you follow all rooting steps correctly. Like towelroot apk, you can also try root genius apk or Framaroot Apk to root your Android device.

How to download and use TowelRoot APK?

Follow the given steps to root your android device using TowelRoot APK:

Step 1: Check the requirements of the version you are downloading, and make sure your device has the sufficient space needed.

Step 2: Download the application using the link given below, since the application is not available on Play Store, you have to download towelroot apk from

Step 3: Go to the Settings of your device, and click on enabling the installation from ‘Unknown Sources’.

Step 4: Install the downloaded TowelRoot APK file. After installation, open the application.

Step 5: Opening the application, you will be able to view a ‘make it ra1n’ option. Click on it.

Towelroot Apk
Towelroot Apk

Step 6: Wait for a few moments till you get a notification of confirmation.

Step 7: If your android device gets rebooted during the process, it is an indication that TowelRoot APK isn’t compatible on your device.

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Some FAQs About Towel root

Why TowelRoot APK is better than the other rooting applications?

Ans. TowelRoot APK is better than many other apps out there because it offers a single click root option. The app also comes with the unrooting option, so there is no need for you to download any other application for that purpose.

Is rooting dangerous for my device?

Ans. Yes, the process of rooting involves huge risk for your device. This includes the device getting bricked or shut down during the process. Also, the software warranty of your device is no more valid once you root it.

How can I unroot my device?

Ans. With apps like TowelRoot APK, the option of unrooting comes inbuilt. Although, if you are using some other application which does not have this feature, you can download some additional files for unrooting. Also, your device warranty can be reclaimed once you unroot your device.

What devices does TowelRoot APK support?

Ans. TowelRoot APK supports almost all the latest android devices including Sony Experia, Nexus 5, Galaxy s4, Galaxy Note 3, including many others.

Before downloading TowelRoot APK, check for the version’s requirements of your phone. keep visiting Mods APK Download for more amazing posts!

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