Shadow Fight 2 Tips & Tricks You Should Aware Of

Shadow Fight 2 Tips & tricks

Nekki Games has released Shadow Fight 2 game for iOS and Android devices. Now users can enjoy epic underworld battle in iPhone, iPad , other iOS gadgets and various devices that are running on Android. The game is very intriguing; the shadow you represent must close the Gate of Shadows by conquering six worlds. The character can be equipped with wide variety of armors and weapons to battle against demon bosses.

The game is very deep with a lot of new features to explore. Read on to know Shadow Fight 2 Tips & Tricks to play one of the most adventurous games ever. If you need more, check out the Shadow Fight 2 mod apk to get unlimited money, gems, and all weapons.

Shadow Fight 2 Tips & Tricks You Should Aware Of

Shadow Fight 2 Tips & tricks
Shadow Fight 2 Tips & tricks

Learn the Control System

Your moves are completely dependent on how you are holding the Shadow Fight’s 2 virtual joy stick. For instance, if you point the joy stick forward, then you are in attacking mode, if joy stick is pointed backwards then you are in defensive mode. First be aware of how to control the game completely.

Replay the Fight when you have Lost

When you have lost a fight replay it to know what are the mistakes that you’ve done and what precautions can be taken to avoid those mistakes. You will even understand how to counter attack your foe.

Aim for the Head

Always aim for the head of your opponent. Try to predict the attackers move based on their style and counter attack their moves. If the foe jumps in towards you, then grip down back your joy stick and knock kick button. This is called mule kick allows you to kick the opponent right on head.

When the opponent chases, keep the fighter moving

Don’t panic when your fighter is chasing you. Evade your enemy with joy stick and run away. Think about your next moves while you are running. Don’t use any in game buttons while you are running or jumping using your joy stick.

Unlock new gears

Unlock weapons, armor or dresses using the coins and gems that you have earned in the game. You can buy them using real cash but it is advisable to not waste your cash on games.

Upgrade Your Fighter

Win as many games as you can. This will upgrade the skills that the fighter has and unlocks new moves like flying kicks, foot sweeps and many other moves that weren’t available in the start.

Mix up the moves

Don’t let the enemies know your moves. Show some variations. Although the opponent works with AI, it can understand the similar moves and will counter attack based on it. It is similar to foes too, when you start predicting their attack and start counter attacking in a similar way they will understand it and will change the pattern of attacking putting you in a dilemma. So use different moves while playing the game.

Don’t Stand too Close

If you are the one who prefer close contact attack, avoid it as much as you can. If you are close opponents will have a chance to throw you away from the field. You can also throw the opponent by getting close but it is not advisable. Maintain some distance between you and your enemy in the field.

You Can Win a Round in Only One Way

In many games you can win when time runs out and you have a lot of health remaining. But in Shadow Fight 2, the only way to win a game is by knocking your opponent down and wipe out all the health points of opponents. You can’t run around and play safe in this game. If the time runs out and both of you are still in the field without being knocked down then the round is awarded to your opponent. Seems unfair right? This is the reason why Shadow Fight 2 is more challenging and interesting game.

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Wrapping up,

These are some of the shadow fight 2 tips and tricks that help you to win the game. Conquer the most challenging and intriguing game with these simple steps. keep visiting ModsAPKdld for more such posts!

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