Root Genius Apk v3.1.7 Download For Android (All versions)

Root Genius Apk

Rooting is referred as the process by which you can gain control over the subsystems of your android, which was earlier not accessible to you. Having such root access over your device helps you to get many privileges over your device which earlier locked by the company. By rooting your device, you can also uninstall or delete the system files which were impossible to delete earlier (check out our list of Android root apps). Let’s see, how you could download root genius apk or root genius for Windows PC to root your device without any hiccups.

Root Genius Apk Download For Android & Windows PC – Official

Root Genius Apk
Root Genius Apk

What is Root Genius App?

The process of rooting can be extremely complex and can cause permanent damage to your android device. For this, many apps have been developed to make the whole procedure easier for you. Root Genius apk is one such app. With the use of this app, it is possible for you to get your android device rooted with just a single click. Till now, 11 versions of this app have been launched, the latest one being v3.1.7. Also you can check out other rooting apps like Framaroot or Towelroot.

Features of Root Genius App

  • One click root – With Root Genius App, you don’t have to fret much. Just connect your android device to a computer using a USB cable. After this, the computer will detect your device and start the rooting process once you click on ‘root’.
  • Comes in two formats – Root Genius app comes in a portable format as well as a setup format. In the former, there is no need for you install the app on your device. Just opining the file by clicking on .exe will get you the job done. Meanwhile, in the setup format, you need to install the application on your device in order to root it.
  • Comes with a recovery root mode – Some devices are a bit hard to root. The normal process of rooting does not apply to them. In such cases, Root Master app comes to the rescue by rooting your device through a support recovery mode.
  • No extra applications installed – During the download and installation of this app, there is no additional app / virus downloaded, unlike in some other apps.

How to Download Root Genius Apk?

  • Turn off your antivirus and connect your android device to the computer.
  • Download the Root Genius App on your phone and open it using Windows. You can get it by using this link.
  • Root Genius will now detect your device automatically.
  • To start the rooting process, click on the ‘Root Now’ option.

    Root genius For PC
    Root genius For PC
  • Wait till the process of rooting completes.


After your device has completed rooting, you can check whether it is done accurately or not. For this, search for a new application on your device known as KingUser. If you are able to find this app on your device, this means that the process of rooting has been successfully done!

Some FAQs About Root Genius Apk

Why Root Genius app is better than others for rooting purpose?

Ans. This is one of the very few apps by which you can root your device with a single click. Also, it does not include any virus.

What version of the app should I download on my device.

Ans. Before downloading any version, check for the requirements that your device should have, and accordingly, choose the latest version.

Can Root Genius help unroot my device?

Ans. No, the feature of unrooting does not come with this application. For this purpose, you need to install some additional apps.

Is Root Genius app a safe app?

Ans. Yes, absolutely. This app does not come accompanying any virus. There is only one thing you have to be careful about- after rooting, your device loses its software warranty.

But this warranty can be reclaimed, if you decide to unroot the device. Keep visiting ModsAPKDownload for More such posts!

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